Dack Family Genealogy

James Henry DackAge: 76 years19141990

James Henry Dack
Given names
James Henry
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Marriage: 1906Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
2 years
elder sister
2 years
elder brother
Horace John Dack
Birth: March 19, 1909 45 30Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
Death: February 1985Hinckley, England, United Kingdom
17 months
elder brother
Walter Jeremiah Dack
Birth: August 5, 1910 47 31West Flegg, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
Death: April 3, 1970Thornton, New South Wales, Australia
17 months
elder sister
3 years
James Henry Dack
Birth: March 13, 1914 50 35Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
Death: June 1990Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
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Marriage: 1886Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
15 months
Alfred George Dack
Birth: April 7, 1887 24 29Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
Death: 1974Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
3 years
9 years

Birth March 13, 1914 50 35
Death of a motherEllen Elizabeth Brighton
1920 (Age 5 years)
Death of a fatherAlfred James Dack
1927 (Age 12 years)
Death of a half-brotherAlbert Denis Dack
1939 (Age 24 years)
Death of a half-brotherCecil Bertie Dack
1960 (Age 45 years)
Death of a brotherWalter Jeremiah Dack
April 3, 1970 (Age 56 years)
Cremation of a brotherWalter Jeremiah Dack
April 6, 1970 (Age 56 years)
Death of a half-brotherAlfred George Dack
1974 (Age 59 years)
Death of a brotherHorace John Dack
February 1985 (Age 70 years)
Death June 1990 (Age 76 years)